The Issues

Our constitutional rights should never be compromised. As a United States Marine Corps Veteran, I will fight to protect these rights.

Better pay means healthier families and a healthier economy. As your senator, I will work to establish a statewide program to incentivize businesses to increase workers wages in exchange for a reduction in state taxes.

With years of experience in blue collar jobs, I understand the value of unions and worker’s rights. I will support worker’s rights to help our middle-class families succeed.

Education is the foundation of democracy. I will work to provide funding to our schools, protect parental rights and school choice, and make Wisconsin schools safe.

One in three Wisconsin police departments had to reduce their number of sworn officers in 2019, according to Wisconsin Policy Forum. Such reductions can lead to higher crime. I support full funding of our police and will work to increase state funds for our police departments.

Wisconsin has a critical shortage of teachers and healthcare workers. I will support programs to incentivize entrance into these fields. I will also support legislation that improves access to quality healthcare.

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